Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Known Fact about Metrocards

The faster you swipe a Metrocard on the New York City Subway, the more likely it is to work. Also, why is that guy's pinkie nail so long?

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  1. Few years back, I had to sit on a jury here in NYC - case involved a guy "selling swipes" for the Subway (basically, there's a way you can fold a Metrocard to get an extra, free ride out of an otherwise expired card). Anyway, they called a "Metrocard Expert" as a witness, his testimony include the use of a poster-sized Metrocard to illustrate how exactly information was store within the strip. It was pretty interesting. Plus, I got to miss work for 3 days.

    You should contact this expert for any other Metrocard-related queries you have....