Monday, July 27, 2009

A List of People I Can Do Without - Baseball Edition

I am a big George Carlin fan. As an homage to his greatness, here is a list of people I can do without:

People at Yankees games who wear Red Sox hats when the Yankees aren't even playing a team from the American League East- Seriously? I can understand when the Yankees are playing the sox or maybe even the Orioles. If you are wearing a Red Sox hat when the Yankees are playing the Houston Astros you are just a jerk who needs something better to do with their time.
Men who push women and children out of the way to catch a ball in the stands - Sir, you disgust me.
Grown men who bring baseball gloves to baseball games - If you are over the age of 12, you are no longer allowed to wear a glove at a baseball game.
Concession guys dancing and trying to get on the jumbo-tron instead of selling people cotton candy- I have seen morons dancing before. I have never eaten 4 servings of cotton candy at a game before. Do not prevent the inevitable from happening.
Cotton Eye Joe

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