Thursday, July 9, 2009

10 Things You Might Not Know About Michael Jackson

1- He cured AIDS once, but Paul McCartney bought the rights to the cure and refuses to release it

2- He never actually owned the elephant man's skeleton

3- He never built a hyperbarric chamber

4- The song Thriller is the national anthem of 12 different countries.

5- Every morning he woke up and plunged his face into a bowl of ice water to keep his "skin" young

6- Rather than a traditional bed, he slept in a hammock

7- Rather than a traditional bedroom, he slept in a tree house

8- Because he was born on a leap day, until his death, he was convinced that he was only 12 years old

9- Every meal he ate had to incorporate basil, mint and robin's eggs

10- While Thriller was his best album, Off the Wall was his most critically acclaimed album

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