Friday, June 12, 2009

Root of Last Names

Goldsmith - Family of Goldsmiths
Diamond - Family of Jewelers
Green - Family of Gardeners
Black, Blackstone, Schwartz - Family of Blacksmiths
Dickinson - Family of incestuous sodomites
Hoffman - Family of Lifeguards/Singers...originate in Germany
Ericson - Family of people where Eric is the most common name
Connor - Family of Loan sharks, Gamblers and Swindlers
Jasper - Family of Stone Masons

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  1. baisi - family of people who are poor spellers and have poor sense of hearing. originally meant to be Daisy. Progression: daisy --> daisi --> baisi (they didn't have "b as in boy" and "d as in dan" back in the day)