Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Roving Tribe of Marrauders in Eastern Europe

From 1476-1482 the Boreskion (Bore-Ski-Ahn) ruled Eastern Europe. This band of marauders were known for their brute force, a penchant for the color pink and a bump that each of them had on the back of their heads about 4 inches above their necks. Here is an artist's rendering:The Boreskion raped, pillaged and plundered as much as they could. Eventually, Ghengis Khan killed all of them, but he was too late. They had impregnated many women. Their descendents can be identified by the bump on the back of their heads.In an effort to shame the descendants of the Boreskion, the color pink was effeminized. To this day, only the bravest men wear the color pink, all others find it effeminate.

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