Saturday, May 30, 2009

Orthodox Jews on the Subway

Because the subway would continue on the same path regardless of their objections, many Orthodox Jews ride the subway on the sabbath.

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  1. That's simply not true! History does know some precedents at certain European cities where, under extenuating circumstances, it was considered permissible to ride a metro or a trolley. But... in the first of the two cases that I've heard of, the trolley ride was free on weekends, thus there was no need to pay the fare on Sabbath. In the second case, the only way to ride the metro on Sabbath was to have a monthly paper pass attached to your suit so you could avoid automated faregates. In today's New York City, however, there's virtually no way to enter the subway system without swiping a MetroCard, which is not an option on Sabbath. As for your photo, you have no proof that it was Sabbath. And if, by some weird chance, it was, you never no what possible life-threatening emergency prompted this man to take a ride.