Friday, May 1, 2009

5 Movies I have never seen

I consider myself a movie buff. Here is a list of movies I have never seen. I will provide my assumed description based on the previews and the movie posters:

Dances with Wolves - American Soldier hangs out with Native American tribe. At some point Kevin Costner needs to make a choice. Which side does he choose; the natives, or the Americans? Tough ChoiceThe Color Of Money - Young pool player (Tom Cruise) needs to learn how to be better at pool so he can beat someone he perceives to be better than him. Paul Newman has been very good at pool for a long time. He teaches Tom Cruise how to be better at pool player. Tom Cruise uses the training to win a face off.Eyes Wide Shut - A couple has lots of sex with random people. At some point, they need to decide what's more important, the crazy sex with the randos or their love for each other.Army of Darkness - Bruce Campbell goes back in time with an awesome car, a chainsaw and a shot gun. In this crazy dimension, most of the people turn into zombies at night. Bruce Campell leads the people who don't turn into zombies against the zombies and wins.Gone With The Wind - Scarlet O'Hara comes back to the family plantation during the Civil War. When she gets there, the boy she had a crush on as a child, Clark Gable, is all grown up. She can't decide whether she loves him or not. She ends up deciding she does. Also, I think someone burns her house down.

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