Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why the neck tie was invented

Beau Brummel was a portly man. He had a hard time wearing a button down shirt because of the gaps his large belly would cause.To cover these gaps, Beau Brummel invented the necktie. It covered his shirt gaps.

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  1. Mr. Jasper, I consider you a man of high intellect, however, your ignorance on this matter is simply shocking. The necktie was actually created in the Renaissance (which means Rebirth) and was worn by the upper class. The reason for its creation is because doctor's found that when being strangled, the male erection is at its peak. Therefore, the wealthy men of this period wore the necktie tightly to show voluptuous women that they were well endowed. Also, the term "hanged" has a double meaning. In addition to the actual act where one is hung from a noose, the other meaning was that the gentleman being hanged was "hanging" in his pants as well. I've written a doctoral dissertation on this while doing my PhD at Cincinnati Community College. If you would like to be better informed on this, let me know.